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If you are going through a divorce and coming to an agreement about child custody, it is possible that supervised parenting time will be awarded to one parent. Instead of getting the kids for the weekend or something like that, a parent will need to go to an agreed-upon location where they will have supervised visitation with their children. A Sparta, NJ child visitation attorney from our law firm can answer any questions that you have about this type of visitation, why it is ordered, and whether the arrangement can be changed.

Why is Supervised Parenting Ordered?

Supervised parenting is often ordered when it is believed that allowing a parent to spend time alone with a child could be dangerous. The noncustodial parent might have a substance abuse issue or could have been neglectful of the child in the past. In general, the threshold for the judge to decide on supervised parenting is rather high. Some believe that this type of visitation can interfere with the bonding process between parent and child.

So supervised parenting cannot simply be ordered because your spouse thinks that you are not as good of a parent as them. Being less strict about bedtime or not being on time for every soccer game are not grounds for prescribing supervised visitation. There needs to be evidence that one spouse’s parenting skills could be objectively harmful.

Who Can Supervise This Visitation?

There are already accredited volunteers who can act as supervisors when a parent is spending time with their child or children. A judge will often pick one of these people to oversee your supervised parenting time.

In some situations, a family member can be chosen to supervise instead. This can work out well if both parents feel that a particular family member can be trusted. You need someone who can put personal biases aside and keep the safety and well-being of the child at the forefront of their mind. You do not want someone who is going to cover for the noncustodial parent, nor do you want one who is going to be unnecessarily harsh towards them when they are just trying to spend some time with their child.

Can a Supervised Parenting Order Be Modified Later?

An order for supervised parenting or visitation can be a temporary order or one that will last indefinitely. If you currently have supervised visitation and believe that the arrangement should be changed, you must show the court that there has been a change in your circumstances. For example, if you had a problem with alcohol or drugs and that was the reason for the supervised parenting order, you can show the court that you have been through a rehabilitation program.

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