Children should be protected from any kind of danger at all costs. The state of New Jersey takes this very seriously. Individuals who suspect that a child is in danger of abuse or neglect should report the matter immediately so that it can be investigated. This can be made possible by contacting the State Central Registry (SCR). If the child is in immediate danger, 911 should be called as well as 1-877-NJ ABUSE. 

What Information Must be Provided?

Child abuse or neglect is a horrible thing. These situations do not only harm a child in an immediate sense, but can detrimentally impact them for the rest of their lives as well. They need the help of caring individuals to report any signs of abuse or neglect they may see. It is important to know that a concerned caller can make their report anonymously and do not need to provide proof in doing so. SCR screeners are trained and know how to respond to these reports. They will simply ask the caller to provide certain information that is necessary, such as:

  • The child and parent/caregiver’s name, age, and address as well as the name of the alleged abuser and their relationship to the child.
  • The type and frequency of the alleged abuse or neglect, current or previous injuries to the child, and what caused the caller to become concerned.
  • When the alleged abuse or neglect occurred and when the caller learned about it.
  • Where the incident took place, where the child is now, and if the alleged abuser has access to the child.
  • How urgent the need is for intervention and if the child is in imminent danger.

By law, if an individual suspects child abuse or neglect is taking place and fails to report or does not comply with the provision of the law, they are considered a disorderly person.

Do Callers Have Immunity From Civil or Criminal Liability?

When a concerned caller makes a good faith report of child abuse/neglect or they testify at a hearing, they are immune by law from criminal or civil liability. When a report is made and it is stated that a child could be at risk of abuse or neglect, an investigator from the Division of Child Protection and Permanency will begin to investigate the allegations within 24 hours of receiving  the notice. 

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