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The matter if divorce is one that should be private. Generally, people do not want their private business to become public. This is especially so if they are going through a high net worth divorce. When dealing with these situations, it is important to know there are different steps that can be taken to ensure the intimate details of this time in a person’s life can be kept confidential. Continue reading to learn more and contact an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney for guidance handling these matters.

Use out of Court Methods

Spouses who are able to reach decisions regarding their marital issues can begin to work towards reaching a settlement. If they can do so quietly and quickly outside of court through alternative methods, this can allow them the best chance of privacy. Alternative methods can include mediation, collaborative divorce, or arbitration. These methods allow couples to reach agreements outside of the courtroom instead of going through litigation. Once this is done, they can go through the formal process of filing divorce paperwork and having their settlement approved by the court. Public records do not include any terms that were agreed upon privately.

Put Temporary Agreements in Place

During this time, spouses can work together with their attorneys to put together temporary agreements. This can be done in order to protect both parties’ interests by agreeing to certain rules before they begin the process of divorce. For example, spouses can choose to freeze their marital assets until final decisions are made. Some spouses may choose to put temporary custody arrangements into place for the proceedings. By handling these matters outside of court, they do not become public record. 

Use Your Prenup

A prenuptial agreement (“prenup”) is a document that is drafted and signed before a marriage is official. It outlines how they plan to divide their assets if they go through a divorce. This document can be beneficial in these situations, as it describes exactly how the couple can settle their divorce as quickly and quietly as possible. The document can sometimes even include privacy causes, making sure neither spouse speaks about their marriage and divorce.

Consider Grounds for Divorce When Filing

To begin filing for divorce, spouses must cite grounds for why they are divorcing their spouse. This may be fault or no-fault grounds. During this time, it is important to consider your options carefully, as they can have an impact on how the divorce may be perceived publicly. Spouses who are going through a high profile or public divorce may not wish to cite fault grounds for reasons of adultery, abandonment, abuse, desertion, etc., because it can become public knowledge. Instead, they may want to cite no-fault grounds and claim the divorce was due to “irreconcilable differences.” 

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