Over the years, there have been computer programs that have been created in order to calculate child support. Child support has a formula to it. People ask this question a lot and they should. Child support is a product of income and predominantly the number of overnights you have with your children. Our law states an overnight is when you have a child for 12 hours or more. We have had many discussions, debates, and arguments whether or not a parent is entitled to that overnight or the number of overnights necessary to plug into the child support guidelines. There is a distinction in the guidelines between a sole parenting worksheet and a shared parenting worksheet. In simple terms, if you are a parent that has 104 overnights or more, we use a shared parenting worksheet. In a shared parenting worksheet, the expenses for the child are shifted between parents and as a result, the support is spread out between both parents. So, in effect, the parent with less overnights pays less child support, not that this should be a motivating factor.

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