Divorce is a very complicated and emotional matter. In many cases, the couple going through divorce wishes to get the process over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. Though there are many different methods of divorce, one that is increasing in popularity is mediation. Divorce mediation allows a couple to take charge of their divorce and use their communication skills to resolve the contested issues of the divorce with the help of an experienced mediator.

There are numerous reasons why couples faced with divorce are choosing mediation more and more. Some of the benefits of mediation include the following:

  • The couple will have significantly more control over their divorce through mediation than they would if they were to have a judge make decisions on their behalf through litigation
  • The couple will often be able to resolve all of the matters of their divorce in less time than those who get a divorce through litigation
  • Due to the divorce taking less time,  it also often results in a significantly less expensive divorce
  • The couple is often happier with the results of mediated divorces because they get to customize it to fit their situation
  • Parents getting a mediated divorce are often able to co-parent better because of improved communication skills

If you have questions about mediation in New Jersey, contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney who has the skill to guide you through the mediation process.

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