When a judge in Sussex County issues a court order, the individuals involved are expected to follow the order, as it is legally binding. Of course, the court is going to issue the order based on the current circumstances that the couple is faced with. That being said, the court has no idea what circumstances may arise in the future. If a life-changing situation does arise at some point down the road, the former spouses may have to revisit the court order and make modifications to better suit their new circumstances.

Many court orders are issued regarding matters of child support, child custody, visitation schedules, spousal support, among many others. If an individual does determine that a court order needs to be modified due to unforeseen circumstances, they will have to be sure to provide significant evidence that a modification is necessary. Some of the reasons that an individual may wish to request a post-judgment modification include the following:

  • There was a significant change in one party’s financial situation, such as a job loss or pay cut that may make it impossible to keep up with child support or spousal support
  • One parent may develop a medical condition that may make it impossible to care for a child

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