When couples in New Jersey get divorced, there are a lot of factors that must be addressed. One of these factors is whether alimony, also known as spousal support, will be awarded to one of the parties. Alimony allows both parties to maintain their standard of living after the divorce has been finalized. Of course, the spouse who has the obligation to make alimony payments to the other party often feels as though they should not have to. In 2014, New Jersey modified its laws regarding alimony and effectively brought the possibility of a permanent alimony award to an end. Permanent alimony has since been replaced with open durational alimony, which does not have a set end date when it is ordered but if there is a significant change in circumstances, the order may be terminated.

If the circumstances of the spouse who is obligated to make alimony payments change to the point where they can no longer continue fulfilling their obligations, they will have to request that the alimony arrangement is either modified or terminated by the court. Of course, this is no easy task but it is possible in some situations.  For example, if they lost their job, the individual will have to prove to the court that they have tried to find comparable employment but was not able to and has a significantly reduced income.

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