If you are considering adopting a child, it is important to be educated about the process ahead and all of your various options. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether you wish to have an open or closed adoption. Read on to learn more about open adoption in New Jersey.

What is open adoption?

In New Jersey, open adoption refers to an adoption in which the biological parent is involved in the process and continues to have some form of a relationship with the family who adopted his or her biological child. Every family is different and will have different arrangements. In some cases, the adoptive family may simply send the biological parent a periodic photo and an update while in other instances, the biological parent may visit and spend time with his or her biological child, or any sort of arrangement in-between.

What is a closed adoption?

When it comes to a closed adoption, the birth parent and the child will have no contact. However, the child can pursue communication once he or she is of age.

What are the benefits of open adoption?

While an open adoption can certainly be complicated, it has immense benefits, including:

  • Cultural ties
    • When a child knows exactly where he or she comes from, she has the opportunity to learn more about her culture, which can lead to an increased sense of identity.
  • Extended Family Network
    • The child may be able to keep in touch with family members, which can lead to an even bigger support network for both the child and the adoptive parents.
  • Medical background
    • Open adoption offers the opportunity to obtain new medical information over the course of time. This can play a major role in the event that the child struggles with any medical issues, as it is important to know an individual’s biological familial history when it comes to medical records.
  • Self- confidence
    • Some adopted children struggle with feeling unwanted as a result of being given up for adoption. Having contact with his or her biological family can help the child understand why he was given up for adoption.

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