When a couple makes the decision to get a divorce in New Jersey, there are a lot of steps in the process that must be taken before the divorce can be finalized. One of those steps is known as discovery. Discovery takes place after the case management conference and is usually the lengthiest part of the divorce process.

Discovery is an in-depth look at the finances of each spouse. Each spouse will have to provide a statement of net worth that includes information about their income, debts, pensions, investments, and expenses. They will also have to place a monetary value on each and every asset, which may take a quite a bit of time. This process may even require you to hire a forensic accountant if you believe your spouse is not being truthful about his or her income. This is typically the case when the spouse doesn’t have a job that requires a W-2 form or if they own their own business. The forensic accountant can look at the expenses of that spouse to see if they are realistic in comparison to their reported income.

If you have any questions about the divorce process or about proving the financial situation of your spouse, contact an experienced divorce attorney today.

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