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Divorcing couples may face a lot of troubles ahead. Not only do they have to say goodbye to their spouse, they have to have certain issues resolved. These issues may include alimony and the division of assets. While it can be difficult to see assets divided and money that has to be given to your spouse, it is even worse when it comes to matters regarding the children. In divorces, spouses will have to have child custody resolved. In the past, New Jersey courts have seen fathers at an unfair disadvantage. Due to the immediate bond a mother has with a child from birth, their bond continues to grow even deeper over time. A paternal bond may require more time and effort than this instinctual maternal bond. However, New Jersey has laws protecting fathers from any discrimination they may face.

New Jersey courts have to follow a “gender-blind” approach when deciding child custody in divorce proceedings. This means that the courts are not allowed to favor the mother or discriminate against the father when making such judgments. They must judge both sides fairly to decipher what custody arrangement would be in the best interest of the child.

What are some custody arrangements?

Child custody can be separated into physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody dictates who the child lives with more of the time while legal custody decides who has the right to make important legal decisions for a child. Even if fathers do not get joint custody or any physical custody of their child, they should still fight for legal custody. This can give them the right to make legal decisions for their child when necessary.

Through permission of legal custody, parents can have the right to attend school and religious functions, make medical decisions for their child and see report cards. This may not be the same as physical custody of their child, but it still gives them access to their child’s life. Although a father wishes to have more, fighting for legal custody can be something to remain in contact.

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