During divorce proceedings, couples will have to resolve marital issues. These issues can be resolved in a courtroom setting by a judge or in mediation sessions. As they continue on with their separate lives after the divorce is finalized, their financial situations can change. Other aspects of their situation may change as well. They may move to another location, become unemployed or even acquire a significantly high net worth. When situations such as these occur, they can look to modify their previous resolutions to marital issues. Alimony or child support payments may have to be adjusted if an independent spouse is no longer able to afford them. If they have recently lost their job, retired or even died, these payments may be changed to better fit their current standing or even be stopped. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if an independent spouse were to acquire a high net worth, assets from their marriage may be reconsidered for distribution. Alimony and child support payments may be reconsidered as well. If a parent is trying to relocate to another place, they may try to take their child with them. This can cause more litigation if the other parent is unwilling to agree to this. If a parent’s work schedule changes, it may require them to file a motion with the court to rearrange a child custody situation. This can be used to benefit all the parties involved. It may be better to make the change to fit the parents’ schedules and better provide for the children in these situations.

Why do marital issues need to be resolved?

After divorces are finalized, spouses may go their separate ways. They are no longer tied to one another through the concept of marriage. Instead, they are free to carry on with separate lives. However, they must follow court-mandated orders that are made in regards to marital issues. These marital issues can include child custody arrangements, child support, alimony, the division of assets and more. During the process of obtaining a divorce, these issues will be discussed to make fair and just decisions regarding these issues. This needs to be done in order for the couple to be considered divorce. If couples are still arguing over marital issues, their divorce may not be finalized. These decisions must be made to provide for children involved in the marriage and for a dependent spouse. Their assets have to be split to give one spouse ownership so that they can take it with them on their own.

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