Marital issues need to be resolved before a couple is considered to be divorced. When they decide to get a divorce, the process has just begun. They must go through steps to have this divorce completed. Each divorce can go through various issues depending on each marriage and that specific couple. Divorces can be resolved in mediation sessions or through litigation. During mediation sessions, the spouses work together to make decisions for their marital issues. During litigation, spouses will have a judge presiding over their case. The judge is the one who will have the final say on marital issues for that couple.

Mediation encourages couples to compromise with one another on marital issues. They will have to talk their issues out with a neutral third party present. However, in court, they will not have as much control over a final decision for their marital issue. A judge will make the final decision for them, which can be emotional for some individuals.

What qualifies as a marital issue?

Upon making the decision to get a divorce, spouses should prepare themselves for a potentially long road ahead. They have a whole process that needs to be completed before they are officially ruled to be divorced. This process requires that marital issues are resolved. Marital issues can consist of child custody arrangements, child support, alimony and the division of assets. Before a divorce is finalized by a court, these issues need to be resolved. This means that custody arrangements should be decided on to facilitate co-parenting after a divorce is made official. Systems of financial support need to be set up for children. If one spouse is in need, a system for financial support may need to be set up to provide them with the proper payment to support themselves after the marriage is over. Marital assets cannot be shared anymore. These assets will need to be divided between the spouses so that they can carry on separate lives. Marital issues may prove to be a sensitive topic, especially for matters that involve the children. Although these issues are resolved at this time, they can be modified in the future to fit changing circumstances that the spouses may face.

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