money divorce contract

When couples get divorced, the court will have to make a number of decisions regarding the different factors surrounding the divorce. Of course, the court is going to have to make decisions based upon the current circumstances of each party at the time of the divorce. It is impossible for the court to know what circumstances could change a few years down the road. When circumstances do change, the couple may have to make modifications to the alimony agreements.

In New Jersey, if circumstances do change significantly, the law will allow for them to modify alimony through a request by the court. The court needs to determine the reason for which the individual wants to change alimony. For example, if the individual cannot pay alimony because they have had a reduced income, the court will need to determine why the individual’s income became reduced and whether they made an effort to find a new source of income. If the person is a W-2 wage earner but lost their job, they can apply for a modification to alimony after 90 days.

It is important that one does not simply stop making alimony payments. This may result in very serious consequences by the court. If you have questions about how to modify alimony obligations in New Jersey, contact our firm today to speak with an experienced attorney.

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