Making the decision to purchase a home is a very exciting time in one’s life but it is important to have the legal representation of an experienced attorney who can guide you through this often complex process. There are several different reasons for which an individual needs to retain the services of a real estate attorney. In fact, New Jersey requires that anyone who is involved in a real estate transaction retains an attorney for the 3-day attorney review process. During the 3-day review, your attorney will take an in-depth look at the contract before it is signed. They will make adjustments to the contract to better suit your needs and may try to negotiate some of the terms of the sale. In addition, they will make sure that all of New Jersey’s state laws are obeyed.

Not only will your attorney assist with the contract, they will also assess other legalities related to the sale. For example, your attorney will conduct a title search. This means that they will determine whether the property has any outstanding liens on the title that could cause additional problems for you. A clean title is key to moving forward with the sale. Your attorney will draft and file any paperwork that needs to be done and conduct the closing.

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