When the court issues an order regarding divorce or family law matters, they have to make the decision based on the circumstances that are currently present. Any decision that the court makes is legally binding and if someone violates the court order, they may be subject to serious consequences. Of course, neither the parties involved or the court can predict what changes might take place in the future. Therefore, when a change does need to be made because of a shift in circumstances, it is important that the parties involved do so lawfully. The party who wishes to request a post-judgment action will be required to prove to the court that there was a significant change in circumstances that have made it so a modification is necessary.

The court may be able to process post-judgment modifications regarding matters such as:

  • In-state relocation with a child
  • Out of state relocation with a child
  • Changes in child custody
  • Changes in child support
  • Changes in spousal support
  • Changes in a child visitation schedule

Often these matters are very contested by the other party involved and therefore, require the representation of an experienced family law attorney who can fight on the behalf of the party requesting or opposing the change. If you need legal assistance, contact our firm today.

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