When an individual comes to terms with the fact that the marriage they are in simply is no longer working, they may feel as though if they got divorced and ended the marriage, they would be happier. Sometimes, it is necessary to end a bad marriage in order to open up doors for potential future happiness. Taking the first step and filing for divorce is certainly a big one and an emotional one, nonetheless. If an individual is thinking about filing for divorce, they may want to consult with an experienced divorce and family law attorney to discuss some of the contested issues that may arise.

In order to file for divorce in New Jersey, an individual must do two things. First, they must fulfill the residency requirement. This means that they have to prove that they are either a resident of New Jersey or that they lived in New Jersey for a minimum of one year. The second step in filing for divorce is to cite grounds for divorce, or the reason why the person would like to end the marriage.

It is important to note that New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that divorcing couples don’t have to cite that it was someone’s fault and can simply say that there have been irreconcilable differences for a significant period of time. However, some couples still do choose to cite fault.

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