Upon making the decision to end your marriage and get divorced from your spouse, you will have to file a complaint for divorce with the state of New Jersey. In order to obtain a divorce in the state of New Jersey, you will have to prove you are eligible to get dissolve your marriage in this state. Many people end up moving out of the home that they shared with their spouse long before the divorce complaint was filed. In some cases, they may not even know where their spouse is currently living. This can pose quite the problem when it comes to serving your spouse divorce papers and filing the complaint to determine whether you are eligible to file in New Jersey. In addition, there may be situations where you both still reside in New Jersey but in different counties. This information is vital when determining which court you are to file your complaint in.

The cause of action, which might simply be irreconcilable differences, is taken highly into consideration when making this determination. If you and your spouse both live in New Jersey but live in a different county than you did at the time of the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, you will have to file your divorce complaint in the county where the breakdown occurred. So, if the marriage broke down in Bergen County but now you live in Morris County, you will file in Bergen.

If your cause of action took place outside of New Jersey but you and your spouse now live in New Jersey, you will file in the county where you currently reside. If your spouse now lives outside of New Jersey and you still live in the NJ location where the cause of action took place, you will still file in your current location.

It can quickly become confusing to determine where you are supposed to file for divorce when the spouses no longer live in the same location. Contact an experienced divorce attorney who can help you figure out where to file for your particular situation.

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